Sunday, 17 November 2013

Our small homage to Gibbons of Wolverhampton

In our little world of salvaging for old door furniture we have come across Gibbons of Wolverhampton every now and then. Mostly brass and bronze door furniture and always top quality.

We have found this page, that shows the history of this company somewhat from the beginning. They claimed to have been founded in 1670.

We ourselves use Gibbons doorhandles in our own house, see the below Rim Lock Picture with wonderful bronze Gibbons handles

On our Website you will find these products we currently have available by Gibbons of Wolverhampton

We did have some others, but they have long gone. Always top quality items, with which you just can't go wrong and will last you easily another 100 years.
So here are our current offerings for Gibbons

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