Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Well I decided it is time to go back in time to Bakelite. Here is an extract from Wikipedia.

It was developed by Belgian-born chemist Leo Baekeland in New York in 1907.
One of the first plastics made from synthetic components, Bakelite was used for its electrical nonconductivity and heat-resistant properties in electrical insulators, radio and telephone casings, and such diverse products as kitchenware, jewelry, pipe stems, and children's toys. Bakelite was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark in 1993 by the American Chemical Society in recognition of its significance as the world's first synthetic plastic.[1] The "retro" appeal of old Bakelite products has made them collectible.

And so, here are some of our current vintage Bakelite products! Some might well be collectible.
Just go and check them out on our website http://www.silburyantiques.com/common/GetItemList?mode=tag

I know which one is my favourite, but which is yours?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Silbury Antiques and Architectural Salvage: Our small homage to Gibbons of Wolverhampton

Silbury Antiques and Architectural Salvage: Our small homage to Gibbons of Wolverhampton: In our little world of salvaging for old door furniture we have come across Gibbons of Wolverhampton every now and then. Mostly brass and br...

Our small homage to Gibbons of Wolverhampton

In our little world of salvaging for old door furniture we have come across Gibbons of Wolverhampton every now and then. Mostly brass and bronze door furniture and always top quality.

We have found this page, that shows the history of this company somewhat from the beginning. They claimed to have been founded in 1670.


We ourselves use Gibbons doorhandles in our own house, see the below Rim Lock Picture with wonderful bronze Gibbons handles

On our Website you will find these products we currently have available by Gibbons of Wolverhampton





We did have some others, but they have long gone. Always top quality items, with which you just can't go wrong and will last you easily another 100 years.
So here are our current offerings for Gibbons

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Silbury Antiques and Architectural Salvage: From rusty old metal to website

Silbury Antiques and Architectural Salvage: From rusty old metal to website: Sorry for my lack of new posts lately. I thought I show you some before and after posts. Here are the Gibbons Mortice Locks before and in...

From rusty old metal to website

Sorry for my lack of new posts lately. I thought I show you some before and after posts.

Here are the Gibbons Mortice Locks before and in this picture there are also 3 bolts, which are nearly ready for the our website

And here are handles in their full glory

We are fans of Gibbons as they produce top quality products. And these handles are different. They have a flat bottom, which makes for a brilliant grip. Normally handles with that shape are round all over. You can find full detail here

As you can see we use Gibbons Handles in our own house.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fabulous Large Victorian Sash Window lift handles before and after!

I have been putting on Facebook the progress of our new addition, the large sash window lifts/handles.

When we acquired them, half the lacquer was already missing and we needed to strip the rest of it off first.
This is how they looked after this first round of clean up.

Photo: These are our latest additions. Just been stripped of the remains of the lacquer and now drying. 
But in a day or two these large sash window handles will be back to their original glory on our website.

Then they went for a first go into the polishing shed and they came back looking much improved

Photo: What can I say. Husband on fire. Just spend a lot of time in polishing shed and they are starting to look very good.
Final polish, putting them all back together and then getting proper photographed for the website.

But then they went into the cellar for final hand polish and they are looking fab already

Photo: Well Husband has outdone himself today. Here is the finished sash window handle. It has reg desing number and makers mark on the back! How stunning is that?

But now they got the royal treatment, with the proper camera and are now on our Website!!!

They have been made by Edwin Showell over 100 years ago! Superb quality and they will last another 100 years easy!
The pair can be found here http://www.silburyantiques.com/1714/Victorian-brass-sash-lifts-pair
And the single pull/lift here http://www.silburyantiques.com/1711/Brass-Sash-Lift

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Buying Centre pulls and other bits and bobs

We have been to the Salvo fair at Knebworth and stocked up on iron centre pulls! We got one ugly green one, one with two shades of black and a silver one.

As always there is no way we can sell them in these conditions. We are trying to get them back to their original conditions.
Now here they are after the first lot of stripping and washing - sitting in the sunshine.

As you can see more stripping is required as one of them now clearly shows a previous red coat.

Fingers crossed not long before we can reveal them in all their glory on our website.

And here the links are to the finished, cleaned and polished items on our website. 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hinges from an old London Church! Before and after

As you might know by now, we purchased a whole set of doorfurniture from an old London church. Apparently the Lady owned it for some years, before now parting with it.

Here are a couple of before pictures of the hinges.

It took a long time for us to remove the blue paint, due to the sheer size of these hinges.
They are now on our website blue hinges all cleaned up and just a little bit of wax on it to stop it rusting.
Here are a couple of pics and to show their BIG size, there is a box of pringles for comparison.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Before and After - French Lock!!

Everybody likes a before and after shot.

The first shot is the before, then the lock needed a lot of working on before it worked again.
Now the lock is fully working with its original key!

Would make absolute fantastic statement piece!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Before and After - Nightlatch

We all like a before and after shot, right?

Well here is a box of goodies as we purchased it a few weeks ago!
See the lock in the bottom corner. Was in a shocking state.

And look at it now! In fully glory and ready for its close up with the proper camera for the upload onto our website!
We cleaned and polished it and fitted a collar round the knob! And had to cut a key for it. Now ready for another hundred years of use!

You will find it finally listed on our website right here!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

From purchasing to polishing to website! Servantsbell

We thought you might like to see the stages our lovely finds go trough.

From when we first buy it, rough stage, to the next stage, polishing! And finally ready for website!

This is what we purchased last Saturday!  You can already find the brass bell pull here ! The lovely Art Nouveau hook sold instantly this image got uploaded onto our Facebook page!
So normally these finds disappear to the cellar workshop for examination. They will be taken apart and if necessary repaired and fixed. This is the rough stage!

Now they are ready for polishing !Telling you polishing is a filthy dirty job!
Husband has special polishing shed (well old outdoor loo, converted) outside the house, as everything will get covered in black dust! So this bell has come back from the polishing! You can see some of the black dust in the box!

And this is it reassembled and ready to for its Photo to be taken for the website!

And here you will find the finished article on our website Servants / Butlers Bell

Thursday, 7 March 2013

SBS Winner!

Hello dear Followers of Silbury Antiques

We did win a retweet from Theo Paphitis this week for our entry into the #SBS (Small Business Sunday) competition. Here is how it goes

Anyone looking for a re‐tweet from Theo should tweet him about their business on Sunday between 5 PM and 7.30 PM and include the hashtag #SBS. Six lucky businesses are re‐ tweeted every Monday at 8 PM and then invited to enter their profile on the new website. This is done free of charge and the new website is sponsored by Ryman Stationery, where Theo is Chairman.

I have been carefully entering every single sunday for weeks and this was my winning tweet:

and for this we got many hundreds of hits on our website and a lot new followers on twitter!
I got this badge, sadly not personalized for my trouble

Plus also an entry onto the Theo Paphitis SBS website http://www.theopaphitissbs.com/profile/SilburyAntiques/

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Doing a bit of Salvage Hunting

We have been out hunting down new locks. We had a bit of a run on them lately, so need to find some more! We only have one large Nightlatch left. A wonderful Chubb Nightlatch !

Sadly none to be found today. Here is a selection of our finds for today.
A lovely complete Servants Bell with all the required bits and bobs
6 pairs of Art Deco Door handles
Big brass recessed handles and some little odd bits and bobs.

How I wish we had space for the warrior or the bell.

Oh well. Was not too bad a trip, maybe next time we find the elusive nightlatches!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Shoe Shop or Shoe Museum advice needed

We have this utterly bewitching solid brass item. We just had to buy it. It is very heavy but only about 15 cm tall.

The top part unscrews to reveal
And on the bottom it has a label, which we deciphered as Livingston & Doughty Ltd Leicester
As you can see it has had a hard life.

Livingston & Doughty are still in business in Leicester. Have emailed them the pictures and asked if they can tell me what this item was used for? So if anyone knows what this little beauty was used for, we would love to know! We display it currently on our windowsill!

Any help much appriciated.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beams and Ceilings

We have a fine selection of items for your beams and ceilings on http://www.silburyantiques.com/
For some of them, sadly they are one off's, but like the Products 3 and 4 we have currently multiple ones available. As you can see the first 2 Beam Hooks, are handforged one off's. They have such a lovely charm. Find these products and more on our website: