Thursday, 26 October 2017

How much damage is too much

Sometimes it isn't about how much a thing is 'worth' financially speaking, it's more about the satisfaction gained by taking a thing that is unusable and making it useful again. In this reality, it is obviously not financially viable to repair these door handles as the cost would be more that a 'new' set, or more appropriately in this siltation a 'new antique' set. So in this case we get our 'income' from the knowledge that we have saved a bit of brass from the grinder.

These have seen some serious (ab)use.

Fubar? well almost but we'll see what we can do, the first job is to take the thing(s) to bits when we will get a better idea of what's involved.

The work to rebuild the posts is currently ongoing. Check back later to see if we have succeeded. 

The badly misshapen holes are filled in with scrap brass and silver solder, now we need to build up the cheeks as the socket in the handles that takes the post is badly worn and it's simpler and faster to work on the post.

We made some collars out of scrap brass and fitted them to the posts, the handles will need a bit of fettling to get them to fit. Time to fire up the blow torch.

Once the collars have been silver soldered to the posts its time to get to work with the files

After much filing and a session at the polishing wheel, here are the results

Not too shabby really