Saturday, 23 February 2013

Shoe Shop or Shoe Museum advice needed

We have this utterly bewitching solid brass item. We just had to buy it. It is very heavy but only about 15 cm tall.

The top part unscrews to reveal
And on the bottom it has a label, which we deciphered as Livingston & Doughty Ltd Leicester
As you can see it has had a hard life.

Livingston & Doughty are still in business in Leicester. Have emailed them the pictures and asked if they can tell me what this item was used for? So if anyone knows what this little beauty was used for, we would love to know! We display it currently on our windowsill!

Any help much appriciated.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beams and Ceilings

We have a fine selection of items for your beams and ceilings on
For some of them, sadly they are one off's, but like the Products 3 and 4 we have currently multiple ones available. As you can see the first 2 Beam Hooks, are handforged one off's. They have such a lovely charm. Find these products and more on our website: