Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fabulous Large Victorian Sash Window lift handles before and after!

I have been putting on Facebook the progress of our new addition, the large sash window lifts/handles.

When we acquired them, half the lacquer was already missing and we needed to strip the rest of it off first.
This is how they looked after this first round of clean up.

Photo: These are our latest additions. Just been stripped of the remains of the lacquer and now drying. 
But in a day or two these large sash window handles will be back to their original glory on our website.

Then they went for a first go into the polishing shed and they came back looking much improved

Photo: What can I say. Husband on fire. Just spend a lot of time in polishing shed and they are starting to look very good.
Final polish, putting them all back together and then getting proper photographed for the website.

But then they went into the cellar for final hand polish and they are looking fab already

Photo: Well Husband has outdone himself today. Here is the finished sash window handle. It has reg desing number and makers mark on the back! How stunning is that?

But now they got the royal treatment, with the proper camera and are now on our Website!!!

They have been made by Edwin Showell over 100 years ago! Superb quality and they will last another 100 years easy!
The pair can be found here
And the single pull/lift here