Friday, 10 October 2014

Our Collection of items by James Collins of Birmingham

Well we have covered Gibbons of Wolverhampton and Kenrick in the past, now it is the turn of James Collins of Birmingham, here is what we found from about this foundry:

James Collins, 26, Cumberland Street, Birmingham, brassfounder founded c1829.  Trade mark is an arrow through a hoop.  James Collins developed the solid drawn brass hinge.  There was a serious fire in 1947 and the firm moved to a works near Salford Bridge.

Here are some items we have on our website that have his foundry mark on the items.
Here is the first one. We have found these pairs of James Collins Door Centre Pulls some time ago. Really lovely items you can find here Cast Iron Centre Pulls

A few weeks ago we have found the matching door knocker! Now how rare is that to find a matching knocker? Here is the link to our website Door Knocker by James Collins

Antique Cast Iron Door Knocker, James Collins

We have also had some cabinetry by James Collins and a wonderfully large Brass Letterbox, sadly now sold.
As always superb quality and wonderful design. This is making it currently  my favourite combination on our site.
So here are some more examples of his workmanship

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Antique Wooden Rimlock - Before and after!

A 'challenge' to be sure.

What a mess. This lock arrived still attached to part of the door it was on, it had been hacked off with a saw and was in 'original' condition. This is about as bad as it gets. Can we save it?
The lock as it arrived, complete with a piece of the original door !!!
Well so far so good, managed to get the thing to bits. Not at all sure what that slug like thing is, but it went in the bin.
The mechanism is in a shocking state. The back plate is wobbly and there are all sorts of 'foreign bodies' lurking in there. Fortunately the mechanism is all there and not rusted solid so things are looking promising. Check out the brutalised case.
One of these will be persuaded to fit, eventually, with the help of a file or two and a bit of fiddling. We are always on the lookout for more keys and pay cash on the spot for singles, groups and entire collections.
The case needed some work including gluing a split at the back and repairing the damage done when the lock was sawn off it's door. The repair is done with traditional hot animal glue. We always use traditional materials when we can.
The repair sets in the vice and while it cools and hardens we refinish the embellishments. The idea is not to make it look 'like new' but to keep as much character as possible. We find a key to fit and refinish the lock mechanism.
Now we have the lock working we re-finish the case and re-attach the embellishments. Next job is to fit the mechanism to the case.
And here we have the completed lock. Restored and fully working and ready for another 100 years.

It is now on sale on our website, just follow the link here

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nightlatch - Before and After

The before state.

The lock as it came to us in pretty poor condition. The lock was covered in rust and paint. The backplate was very badly corroded to the point of being useless. The sliding brass knob was badly dented and hanging loose on the spindle.

The lock after restoration.

Here is the lock after we had finished with it. The lock has been stripped and cleaned. A new backplate has been made, the case refinished and the knob replaced. The brass has been polished and the interior has been rustproofed with our own non-toxic rust proofer. We found a key from our collection that fitted and now the lock is fully working and ready to refit.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Animal Feet Furniture Protectors

Hello Fellow Enthusiast

These have to be THE most unusual table or chair protectors we have ever had. We purchase them, because we like the unusual and they don't come more unusual than these beauties.

A lovely set of 4 animal feet, but which one? We always have called them lovingly camels feet, but size wise I suppose more like a goat? Can anyone shed light to what kind of funky feet we have?

You can find full details like size on our website.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nightlatch (Rim Lock family) Before and After

Welcome dear Readers!

It has been a while again, eh? Sorry

I know everyone loves a before and after, so here is the latest lovely locks we purchased. Nightlatches! These are lovely small ones, we have also some BIG ones on our website, just search for Nightlatch on Silbury Antiques

We have many locks and we even got a page that explain the different uses for locks

So now here we go for the before picture for the Nightlatch.

You can see that the brass is totally black and the crackling paint. So we had to completely take them apart and give them a good clean and polish.  Also we had to cut keys for them, and found the locks mechanism inside are not completely identical, which just proves that these are not mass produced, but put together by hand. In the little brass roundel, we got a Registered Design number which dates these locks back to c1888.

So a true Antique! So now here are the Locks after they have been cleaned up.

They are both truly stunning, right?