Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nightlatch (Rim Lock family) Before and After

Welcome dear Readers!

It has been a while again, eh? Sorry

I know everyone loves a before and after, so here is the latest lovely locks we purchased. Nightlatches! These are lovely small ones, we have also some BIG ones on our website, just search for Nightlatch on Silbury Antiques

We have many locks and we even got a page that explain the different uses for locks

So now here we go for the before picture for the Nightlatch.

You can see that the brass is totally black and the crackling paint. So we had to completely take them apart and give them a good clean and polish.  Also we had to cut keys for them, and found the locks mechanism inside are not completely identical, which just proves that these are not mass produced, but put together by hand. In the little brass roundel, we got a Registered Design number which dates these locks back to c1888.

So a true Antique! So now here are the Locks after they have been cleaned up.

They are both truly stunning, right?