Friday, 10 October 2014

Our Collection of items by James Collins of Birmingham

Well we have covered Gibbons of Wolverhampton and Kenrick in the past, now it is the turn of James Collins of Birmingham, here is what we found from about this foundry:

James Collins, 26, Cumberland Street, Birmingham, brassfounder founded c1829.  Trade mark is an arrow through a hoop.  James Collins developed the solid drawn brass hinge.  There was a serious fire in 1947 and the firm moved to a works near Salford Bridge.

Here are some items we have on our website that have his foundry mark on the items.
Here is the first one. We have found these pairs of James Collins Door Centre Pulls some time ago. Really lovely items you can find here Cast Iron Centre Pulls

A few weeks ago we have found the matching door knocker! Now how rare is that to find a matching knocker? Here is the link to our website Door Knocker by James Collins

Antique Cast Iron Door Knocker, James Collins

We have also had some cabinetry by James Collins and a wonderfully large Brass Letterbox, sadly now sold.
As always superb quality and wonderful design. This is making it currently  my favourite combination on our site.
So here are some more examples of his workmanship