Monday, 9 November 2015

Clean up of Victorian Lock - Before and After

Well I know we mostly restore and sell door furniture, but every now and then we also do restoration jobs for customers.

Recently a customer called us saying his lock is not working, could he bring it along and create our usual magic for him? How can we refuse such a request.

He came along with his lovely old Victorian Rimlock. Looked in reasonable condition a lovely double sided lock. Most of the trouble seemed inside. As you can see from the pictures it was full of gunk! Took a lot of work to get rid of it all and clean it back down to basics, before polishing could begin. Now it looks like it used to do 100 years ago and it will be of service with no trouble for another 100 years. The same could not be said for locks purchased today from the DIY sheds!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Crabtree and its history

It has been a long time again since last post.
This time we like to highlight our items by Crabtree and its history.

We have several items by Crabtree and I googled the history of Crabtree and here is what I found:

J. A. Crabtree & Co was founded in 1919 by John Ashworth Crabtree.[2] The company became one of Britain's leading manufacturers of electrical accessories, low voltage switchgear and motor control gear. In 1972, the company was acquired by the British Ever Ready Electrical Company, which was itself acquired by Hanson Trust in 1981. For many years the company was based at the Lincoln Works in WalsallStaffordshire, which was closed in 1997.
Thanks to Wikipedia.

So many of our items fit right into the Art Deco period and beyond.  Most of our items  have already been sold, but here are some lovely switches that are still available at this moment in time.
item image
item image
item image
item image